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digital world

Software solutions for the digital age

C++ Development

We develop custom windows platform solutions to fit your needs.
Whether you need a project built from scratch or need work done on an existing project,
we'll do the job right the first time.

Website Development

We treat all our clients websites like they were our own.
In addition to developing your site to look and work to your specifications,
we consider all aspects of website development, including SEO, accessability, extendability, to create not only a visually atractive site, but one which is also search engine friendly.

C++ Open Source Libraries

We're proud to provide unique solutions to the open source community.
The tree container library has gained world wide popularity with the C++ community,
and is used in thousands of different industries. XPort has also gained wide acceptance,
and is the most robust C++ solution for xhtml generation and parsing today.

Website Development

There are many more important aspects of website development than simply developing a site which is asthetically pleasing and functional. You want your site to be updated easily in the future, as we all know that your website will undergo many changes as time goes by. You also want your website to be search engine friendly, and want it to be optimized for your keywords and business domain.

We understand all the aspects of website development. When developing your site, we will certainly deliver a pleasing and well functional result, but will also develop your site to be search engine friendly, and optimize your site during the development process. Your site will also be developed in a manner in which it will be easy to make simple updates or additions.

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C++ Development

With millions of lines of C++ development under our belt, you can be assured that your projects will not only be functional, but will be designed and implemented in the most efficient and extensible way. We can develop custom solutions for practically any business domain. Whether you need project started from scratch, or need enhancements on an existing project, we have the experience and skills to meet your needs.

We'll work closely with you throughout all stages of the project, and will use methodologies which you request. We have experience with full life cycle development, and will use this experience to provide you with the best solution for your dollar. Contact us for a free estimate on your project, no matter what the size.

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Open Source Libraries

Datasoft Solutions is a provider of open source libraries for C++ developers. Developers are allowed to freely use the libraries in commercial applications as well as open source projects. Please read the license before using, modifying or distributing these libraries. The license agreement can be found on the download page for each library, and in all source files in the libraries.

The Tree Container Library provides C++ developers with a full functional tree container which can store objects within the nodes of the trees.

Xport, XHTML Parsing and Objective Reporting Toolkit, is featured at XportPro, and allows C++ developers to parse and generate xhtml documents.

Work Time Studio Project, Task and Time management software

Datasoft Solutions is proud to present their landmark product, Work Time Studio. Utilizing the tree container library, Work Time Studio provides unparalleled features in personal time, project and task management software. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, visit Work Time Studio's product website, and start being more productive today.