About Us

Datasoft Solutions is located and operated in Lincoln, Nebraska. Datasoft Solutions was originally established to provide robust libraries for C++ developers to use in open source and commercial products. After the completion of two open source projects, the tree container library and Xport, I decided to create a professional application, Work Time Studio, which would help anyone who uses computers to organize and manage their workload and track their time and workflow. So, we began the development of a product which we hoped would offer many useful benefits and features to a wide range of computer users. During the development of Work Time Studio, there were many times a decision was made which resulted in the release date of the product to be pushed back, in order to add flexibility to the product which would allow the user of Work Time Studio to customize it to their specific needs. The end result is a product which is flexible in ways like no other application in its class. One example of this is the ability for users to create their own WorkItem types. There are many more examples which are listed in our features overview.

In addition to programming and web development, I also enjoy pursuing my long time passion, physics. In particular, I enjoy spending time pursuing a revolutionary theory I have developed over the years, regarding the model of the atom, called the Astro Atomic Model.